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Slowdive evening.

Spotify Playlist 200000


This week’s playlist is good. I’d say better than average. Very synth and motorik driven with a splash of slow stuff and a couple of your good old pop tunes. James  seems to be the one who listens to new good music and some of us (well, just me) have him as a filter: “if he likes, I like”. Very not indivualistic of me but a shit is not given. This approach might backfire at some point but it’s working right now! Matthew’s Toadcast is to blame for the inclusion of Lady Lazarus and Post War Glamour Girls and finally, that BBC Documentary on Krautrock for all the German goodness. Do click on the pre-Daft Punk dude below or on this dot —> . to listen.


Harmonia – Sonnenschein
Liars – No.1 Against the Rush
Hookworms – Form and Function
Swearin’ – Here to Hear
Post War Glamour Girls – Johnny And Mary
Kraftwerk – Radioland - 2009 Digital Remaster
Lady Lazarus – Half-Life
These New Puritans – Spiral
Oneohtrix Point Never – Describing Bodies
Girls Names – Hypnotic Regression
Beak> – Egg Dog
Ivor Cutler – There’s a Turtle in My Soup


Synths. We need more synths. SYNTHSZZZZZZZZZZ

Lou Reed Playlist

Lou Reed is dead. No one really reads this page so it’s not like we need to write anything about it. I’m writing about it though, because The Velvet Underground is my favourite band ever, the equivalent of The Beatles for other people. I’m familar with his work until he released Raven in 2002. 

I bought a pirate version of the “Peel Slowly and See” boxset. They were just 5 shitty tapes. At 15, I had never listened to anything remotely similar to that and I only bought it because I knew Nirvana had covered Here She Comes Now. 

There’s an amazing demo version of Heroin on the first tape. It lasts about 14 minutes or a bit less and they fuck up and they hurry up because I guess the tape is running out or whatever and I can here a sense of “let’s get shit done” to the whole thing. Snare roll youtube clip: I’d like to think that if I’d been a youngster back then, I would have been a Velvets fan rather than a Beatles or Rolling Stones fan. THE NOISE. It’s all about the noise they made combined with the gorgeous melodies of some of their poppier songs.

Example 1:

There are better examples of noisy Velvet Underground but this one is the one I want right now. 

Example 2:

I guess that what I like about it is that the structure is so fucking unpredictable and then right at the end when it hits you with the “something’s got a hold of me and I don’t know what” followed by “it’s the beginning of a new age” is like a release. What a religious cult fanatic might feel when a “reverend” puts his hand on their forehead and demands the devil leaves their body.

He was a dick, apparently. I’ve read a few of the interviews Lester Bangs did with him and he comes across as an arrogant prick who knows is good at what he does but I don’t think that matters. Loads of people are arseholes and they don’t contribute with anything towards the improvement of life. He fucking wrote “I’m set free”. He can do whatever the fuck he wants. And he encouraged to debate sexuality openly, because why not. Maybe he took himself too seriously but when you’re pumping drugs into your body and have success, it’s probably difficult to have a sense of what is real.

Regardless, I think his solo albums, particularly Transformer and Coney Island Baby have amazing tunes but they’re completely different from the Velvet Underground. The weirdness and eperimentation within a pop structure are kind of gone. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m most likely wrong.I loved what he was doing with Antony on tracks like “Fistful of love”. Still, I wouldn’t touch “Lulu” with a stick covered in shit though.

Anyway. I’ve put together my favourite Velvet Underground and Lou Reed songs along with some very, very good covers from equally good bands. Just the stuff I’ve known and loved for a long time. Nothing wild or out of ordinary. It’s noon on a Monday and I should be doing something else but putting this shit together feels right. I think people mention his music for different reasons: to appear cool, to wear the Warhol t-shirt, to take drugs or to just fucking enjoy it. Personally, I think he had the skill to write amazing songs. We’re going to have a real good time, together. Click here or on Lou’s face. 

 Nah nah nahhnanannanananananaananaaaaa.


There’s even more great news!

In January our MLC-friends from Plastic Animals (Edinburgh) and Molly Wagger (London) will come to Leeuwarden, NL to play a few shows with our band Sväva.

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